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The first Citizen of the World Guide, Make the Right Impression, is intended to boost your social intelligence, enabling you to conduct yourself with confidence in the most common social and professional situations where you are interacting with other people. As such, the goal of this Guide is to “level the playing field” or serve as a great equalizer to help you feel comfortable with others, regardless of your background or lack of experience.
The second Citizen of the World Guide, Secure the Job You Want & Excel, builds on Make the Right Impression by giving you recommendations for finding the right job, performing well in your job and being an effective supervisor. The third Citizen of the World Guide, Be a “Pro” Communicator, describes the communication skills you need to maximize your success in all fields. The fourth Citizen of the World Guide, What’s Really Important, contains advice for a productive, happy, meaningful life.
Think of these four Citizen of the World Guides as a ladder you can climb to achieve your full potential and start experiencing life as a Citizen of the World.


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