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The purpose of this Guide is to help you understand what is truly important in life. Something that is not taught in college or university, nor is it often passed on by one’s parents. Frequently, one comes to realize what’s really important about a particular aspect of one’s life when it’s too late to do anything differently, a prime example being marriage. This Guide gives you some insights that you can use today to enjoy “a better life”.
Starting with the need to adopt the right mind-set in everything you do, What’s Really Important also covers following your passion, relationships of all types, ethics and twelve other critical issues. In each case, the author gives his recommendations and views on experiencing what actually counts in your life.
Yes, you are usually in a hurry when you start your business or professional career. You are naturally in a rush to get the right job, make as much money as you can, and advance to the highest possible position in your organization.
This is understandable. Since it is a competitive world, you obviously have to hustle and work hard to make a name for yourself. But you do not have to sell your soul to do so.
As you launch your career, think about your new job as the first chapter in writing a book entitled “Your Reputation”. Consider what it means to act ethically and with integrity. Formulate in your mind a personal code of ethics that can serve as a steady moral compass in guiding your behavior and decisions throughout your life.
With all the demands and stress at work, also try to maintain some perspective on what truly counts in life. While having a successful business or professional career is important, that alone is not enough. Think through what being a “success” means to you in all aspects of your life.
The key to achieving true happiness and personal fulfillment over the course of your life does not come from money, power or possessions. In the end, what is really important is your family, friends and the extent to which you gave of yourself to help others and to make your community and the world a better place.
If you have questions about any subjects in this Guide or suggestions for additional advice that should be included in future editions, please contact me through the website at The first three Guides in the Citizen of the World series before What's Really Important are Make the Right Impression, Secure the Job You Want & Excel and Be a “Pro” Communicator.


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