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All of the author photos are by Russ Fischella of San Francisco. See
website and typography by Jacob Reichbart
Thanks for Your Help
The development of the Citizen of the World Guides was a collaborative project involving many individuals who critiqued drafts of various sections and gave me suggestions for improvement. In some cases, they were experts in the subject being covered, such as the three senior executive search practitioners who each reviewed the section on Securing the Right Job in Guide #2, Secure the Job You Want & Excel. In other cases, they were informed individuals from a diverse set of backgrounds, many of whom were in their twenties or early thirties.

My daughter, Serena Curry, played a major role in reviewing numerous drafts of these Guides and helping to ensure that their recommendations are appropriate for the target audience of readers in the age range of 18 to 35. Sometimes Serena told me, “Dad, you just can’t say that!”
In addition to Serena, I want to thank the following members of my informal “editorial board” for their valuable contribution to the contents of these Guides: Barry Ashton, Jon Briggs, Sabrina Briggs, Mike Bursaw, JoAnn Compton, Licia Corbella, Gordon Cunningham, Matthew Curry, Patrick Curry, Zachary Curry, Agnes Dallison, Susan D’Aquino, Thomas D’Aquino, Shawn Dietrich, Inta Erwin, Viktor Gerasimenko, Bravin Goldade, Vera Goodman, Michael Honey, Sal Howell, Stephen Kaganov, John Koopman, Hyun-Hee Lim, Lou MacEachern, Dan McAreavey, Tom McCormick, David McDermid, Penny McDermid, Joan McDonald, Deborah Moskovitch, Tony Myers, Kate Nitze, Nadia Pelton, Lisa Popplewell, Joel Porter, Cairns Price, Graham Price, Robert Shoniker, Irwin Steinberg, Jade Stevens, Phil Stiles, Larry Stout, Lionel Tiger, Chip Vallis, Sima Veiner, Gerald Vincent, Kitson Vincent, Nicole Woodward, Jamal Worobec, Ivan Zendel and Wei Zheng. Any mistakes, however, are my responsibility.
I am also indebted to my daughter, Jade Curry, for her efforts at promoting the website and reviewing the content of some of the Other Stuff To Know articles, to Jacob Reichbart at for doing such an outstanding job as my “consigliere” on this overall project and in developing the website, to Don Gorman of Rocky Mountain Books in Calgary for his many years of encouragement and sound advice on the publishing industry, and to the talented Russ Fischella of San Francisco for shooting all my author photos.
In addition, I want to express my appreciation to Charlene Dobmeier of Kingsley Publishing Services for her skillful copyediting and valuable assistance on this project, Carolyn Balko for establishing the world record for the number of typing revisions made in manuscripts, and Ariana Denison for taking the photos that are included with the text in Making the Right Impression.
Finally, I am dedicating the Citizen of the World Guides to my wonderful wife, Judy, who taught me, with some difficulty, the need for humility and what’s really important in life.
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