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All four of the Guides are available here for downloading. Please note, however, that the most up-to-date versions of the Guides are the ones posted on the COTW website (accessed by clicking on the four circles at the top of the pages) as opposed to the ones available for downloading.

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1. Color PDF - 2 pages/sheet.
Best suited for color laser printers or inkjet. Print these double-sided to save paper.
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2. B&W PDF - 2 pages/sheet.
Best suited for black and white laser printers and inkjet. Print double-sided if you can.
3. Mobile PDF - 1 page/sheet.
Color and layout best suited for viewing on iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad, and other large screen devices. Scrolls vertically or horizontally. Print one page per sheet with this layout.
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TIP: Print translations directly from the translated pages displayed in your Web browser.

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