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You are about to start your career. You are anxious about finding the right job and performing well once you begin. You want to become an effective co-worker and ultimately a manager. You also know you will encounter lots of other difficult issues wherever you work.
Let this Guide act as your personal coach or mentor to help you deal with all these challenges. It is an all-encompassing, A to Z source of the kind of straightforward information you need to attain a successful career and achieve your full potential.
This Guide was developed primarily for individuals in their twenties and early thirties who are beginning their careers in business or a profession. It is also intended to assist people working in smaller organizations, service firms, non-profit groups and government bodies.
There is a great deal of confusing and conflicting behavior occurring in both business and politics around the globe. Not a day goes by without another news headline about a shocking scandal or major corruption being uncovered somewhere. Financial disasters of one kind or another have become commonplace. Much of the world seems to have lost its way and forgotten the importance of values, civil harmony and the environment.
Many of the chapters in this Guide contain a common theme — the need for individuals to conduct themselves with integrity in an ethical, responsible manner that respects the dignity and rights of others. Not to do so means you have lost your soul. True success and fulfillment in life are only possible when you follow such a code of behavior. By doing so, you will also help to promote a compassionate, civil society wherever you live and work.
If you have questions about any subjects in this Guide or suggestions for additional advice that should be included in future editions, please contact me through the website at The first Guide in the Citizen of the World series is Make the Right Impression. The next two Guides after Secure the Job You Want & Excel are Be a “Pro” Communicator and What’s Really Important.
All four Guides in the Citizen of the World series are closely related. This is especially the case with Secure the Job You Want & Excel and Be a “Pro” Communicator. The more you improve as a communicator, the better are your chances of advancement in your career. This includes your ability to conduct productive meetings and be a skillful negotiator.


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