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Things I like doing:
  1. Working with others as part of a team.
  2. Being involved in something creative and challenging.
  3. Dealing with customers.
  4. Working in marketing, advertising and design.
Things I don't like doing:
  1. Working on my own without a lot of interaction with others.
  2. Being involved in financial and overly technical matters.
  3. Spending a lot of time on administrative and back-office details.
  4. Working in production, manufacturing and distribution.
  1. Stay with existing company and work hard for a promotion.
  2. Stay with existing company but ask for a transfer to another department.
  3. Obtain a position at another company which offers more opportunities for advancement.
  4. Go back to university on a full-time basis to upgrade my qualifications.
Past accomplishments:
  1. Headed Task Force at company for a key project.
  2. Won a prize as part of a winning College debate team.
  3. Obtained my BA degree with a 3.75 grade average on a scholarship.
  4. Played a lead role in founding a non-profit group.
  1. Getting results working with others.
  2. Working effectively on challenging creative projects.
  3. Understanding the needs of consumers.
  4. Speaking French.

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