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My daughter, Serena Curry, played a major role in reviewing numerous drafts of this Guide and helping to ensure its recommendations are appropriate for the target audience of readers in the age range of 18 to 30. A diverse group of over 25 other individuals also provided me with critical feedback on different sections of the Guide.
In addition to Serena, I want to thank Jon Briggs, Sabrina Briggs, Gordon Cunningham, Matthew Curry, Zachary Curry, Agnes Dallison, Susan D’Aquino, Tom D’Aquino, Viktor Gerasimenko, Vera Goodman, Sal Howell, Stephen Kaganov, Hyun-Hee Lim, Penny McDermid, Kate Nitze, Nadia Pelton, Lisa Popplewell, Cairns Price, Gerald Vincent, Kitson Vincent, Jamal Worobec and Wei Zheng for all their insights and suggestions for improving this Guide, and Ariana Denison for taking the photos included with the text.
I am also indebted to Charlene Dobmeier, Don Gorman, and Jacob Reichbart for their support and guidance in shepherding this project.


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