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In writing this Guide, I first produced several rough drafts based on my own experience and thoughts. Then, I researched the subjects covered and prepared a more complete draft.
Next, I asked a number of individuals with a special expertise or sound understanding of the different subjects to provide me with a critique of the chapters or sections they knew the most about. For example, I asked the three best negotiators I’ve ever known to critique the chapter on negotiations. After receiving extensive feedback from a number of knowledgeable sources, I prepared the final draft of the Guide.
I want to thank the following individuals who served as my informal editorial board in critiquing various parts of this Guide before they were finalized: Barry Ashton, Licia Corbella, Agnes Dallison, Inta Erwin, Bravin Goldade, Lou MacEachern, David McDermid, Penny McDermid, Tony Myers, Irwin Steinberg, Larry Stout, Chip Vallis and most of all, my daughters, Jade and Serena Curry.
I am also indebted to Charlene Dobmeier, Don Gorman and Jacob Reichbart for their support and guidance in shepherding this project.


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